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Pipe Services

We can thread large diameter pipe, construct sprayer assemblies, and supply many types of fittings, including pipes, valves, custom nipples, risers, and bollards. Our services include on-site piping services like pipe cutting, threading, welding, beveling, grooving, flange spool piece makeups, and pipe assemblies made to your specifications. Our CNC Cold Saw offers precise cutting. On-site hose and tubing assemblies. For Hydraulic, Food Transfer, Water, Air, Marine, Sewage Treatment and many other industrial applications.

Done In-House

Pipe Fabrication



Large-Diameter Pipe Threading



Large Pipes

C.L. Weber’s pipe fabrication shop & piping services offers large diameter pipe threading, cutting, both cut and roll grooving, and custom welding.

The machines’ capabilities allow for 12″ pipe threading and grooving up to 14″ pipe. Custom welding includes engineering and design, TIG, MIG, and stick welding. We also do custom pipe threading on thin and heavy wall, standard and metric, victualic grooves, and we provide same day service.

C.L. Weber also specializes in providing high quality specialized pipe assemblies and spool pieces built to customer specifications. We can use either our in-house materials or the customers.

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